Beauty Tips – Contour Like A Celebrity

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A few months ago I ready this article Blog that seriously changed the way I prep my face while doing my makeup.  Contouring is something most of us don’t know much about or think is unnecessary unless you are Kim Kardashian or about to walk the Red Carpet.  Well, that couldn’t be further from the truth.  Contouring your face properly during your make up application can take your look to super model status.

Contouring sounds like a dragon of four heads that you could never get past, but in reality its a very simple technique that can define your face and emphasize your angles. Here is how to contour your face the right way:

BRUSH: The right tools makes all the difference when it comes to contouring. An angled brush is by far your best bet since its easier to use and apply different bronzers to your face in a specific way. I personally love Sephora’s Pro Angled Contour Brush #75, it’s only $30 and goes a long way when it comes to contouring or just simply applying bronzer on your face when you are in a hurry.

BRONZER: A good bronzer a few shades darker (not too much darker) then your skin is the best tool for adding the depth necessary when contouring. My current Bronzer of choice is the Tarte Matte Waterproof Bronzer, $29.  Not only is this bronzer a perfect shade for me personally but the best part is that its waterproof, so it has an all day long wear!

Birchbox’s Blog gave great tips on how to apply the Bronzer properly for contouring.  Here’s what they had to say:

  • Diagonally under your cheekbones or parallel to your jaw line. This will really make your cheekbones pop. 
  • On the sides of your nose from the bridge straight down. This will make your nose appear longer and thinner. Blending here is key. 
  • On your jaw line and under your chin, which will make your round face look more elongated, and who doesn’t want that?

BLUSH: The blush type and color is completely up to you and what you like.  I personally opt for the more peachy shades of blush, but if you like pink or mauve – go for it! It’s about preference when it comes to your shade of blush.  Once you have your favorite color in hand, simply apply the blush right above where you applied the bronzer to contour, making sure the application is parallel to your jaw line.

HIGHLIGHTER: Highlighters are a go to beauty product for me.  Even if I’m running late and need to skip the bronzer step, I won’t skip highlighting.  I have a few favorites in my beauty routine and go back and forth depending on how much time I have to do my makeup and how intense I want my highlight to be.  My go to ones are Benefit High Beam for $26, YSL TOUCHE ÉCLAT – Radiant Touch $40 and for my eyebrows Anastasia Shimmer Highlighter $10

Birchbox’s Blog gave great tips on how to apply the Bronzer properly for contouring.  Here’s what they had to say:

  • Add a dab to the bottom and top portion of your lips to make their shape more prominent.
  • Cover a small bump on top of your nose (this trick is used frequently by stars like Kim Kardashian and Jessica Simpson).
  • Apply to your brow bones. 
  • Make your cheekbones stand out even more by adding highlighter above your blush. For extra glow, add a touch to the apples of your cheeks over your blush. 

Now get in front of a mirror and start contouring! You will see a huge difference in your over all look once you are done!



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