Plum Lips – The Color of the Season

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There is nothing more uplifting for a super fashionable girl then beautiful lipstick. I honestly could be wearing jeans and a t-shirt and have my hair in a ponytail, but if I’m wearing a nice bold lipstick I feel like a million bucks! Lipstick is honestly one of my favorite accessories and something that every woman needs to find her go to colors! This season we put aside our trusty and classic red lips and try a more bold color – the it lipstick color this season is …..plum! This beautiful color comes in several different intensity levels making a great fit for anyone. You just have to try and see what looks best on you! Here are my favs….

If you are the go big or go home kind of girl, then you definitely want to try Talk That Talk Lipstick by MAC, $16.50.  This shade was created in a collaboration with the gorgeous Rihanna and knowing her and how she loves her lipsticks, I’m sure you can imagine how bold it does look on! It’s a super matte dark plum color, so its really the ultimate intensity for this season’s lipstick shade and definitely worth a try!


YSL lipsticks are always my go to lipsticks.  This seasons they have two colors that are incredibly beautiful and perfect for the holidays.  YSL Rouge Pur Couture Mat 206 Grenat Satisfaction, $34.00 at Sephora.  This lipstick is the perfect deep plum color and the pigmentation is super rich, giving you an almost velvet like feel when wearing it.  So fashionable!


The other YSL color I love and has been my day time lipstick for a few weeks now is the YSL Rouge Pur Couture 28 Rose Boheme, $34.00 at Sephora.  This color is great if the plum look scared you a bit.  It has more pinkish undertones then other colors making it a nice and easier transition to the world of plum lips!


Now, when its time to hit the town at night or have a nice little dinner date I have been wearing Chanel’s Rouge Coco Hydrating Creme Lip Colour 21 Rivoli, $34.00 from Neiman Marcus.  The color is a super rich plum but has a little hit of red in it which makes it a perfect winter color! And if you are a red lipstick kind of girl like I am, then this will be a super easy color for you to wear.


Get your plum lips ready ladies! It’s red wine season and these colors will blend right in with your “wine” lips! 😉

XOXO Ananda

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