My Engagement Session – Pillow Talk


Happy Thursday  Fashionistas! This Thursday as a little TBT, I wanted to share with you guys a bit of my personal life so you can get to know me a little better! 🙂  I just recently got married about 5 months ago, making me a super newlywed gal.  I feel like one of those few lucky people who God is watching over and blessed with an amazing man.  My husband, Shamir, is the man who I’ve always dreamed of, even the little things he does that drive me insane – I love.  It’s crazy, but we honestly have always had so much in common and just get each other so well.  Sometimes we are each other’s voice of reason, sometimes we want to fight like lions (we are both leos! Ouch!), but above it all we always have each others backs, we fully respect and support one another and we are true best friends.  I know I can count on him during my darkest moments and he will be there to cheer me on and make me lift my head back up – and I’ll always do the same for him.  I love this man more than words can describe. ❤

Next week I’ll share with you guys pictures of the wedding and a small highlight video.  I haven’t even seen the video yet and honestly cannot wait!! Until then, here are some pictures of my engagement session that happened around July of last year.  My engagement session, just like my wedding, was shot by the amazing photographer Kristen Weaver.  The shoot was such a success and she did such an amazing job that we were featured on the super fancy Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine! It was such an honor!  For the session we had brainstormed  many different ideas and options, but at the end of the day I wanted this to be personal and unique. So we decided to just do it at our home!  This was the result and I hope you guys love it just as much as I did.  Next week I’ll show you my wedding…. I can’t wait!

KW3_2722KW3_2834 KW3_2835 KW3_2670 KW3_2707KW3_2745 KW3_2633 KW3_2883 KW3_2942-Edit-Edit KW3_2893 KW3_2911KWP_Patel_025 KW3_2968KW3_2996



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