The Look – Mesh Jeans and Neon Jacket

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Sometimes I want to look like a princess, sometimes I want to look chic, sometimes boho and sometimes I just want to look like a bad bi***….but that’s the beauty of being a girl.  We dress according to our mood and our feelings and I couldn’t love that more!  Fashion let’s us recreate ourselves every single day and become the woman we feel like being.  Style is pure confidence. It’s the confidence to know who you are and knowing the type of message you want to send while not caring about anything else!

For this look I went with my beloved Frankie B. Bondage Jeans (which after a little research to try to link it for you guys, it seems its pretty sold out everywhere).  I wanted to really make this look edgy and fun so I added a neon jacket from Zara and my super awesome necklace from Vinca USA which completely explains the mood I was in for this shoot – “Jes M’en Fous”.  Sorry mom!

DSC_0655 DSC_0616 DSC_0633DSC_0635DSC_0640DSC_0632DSC_0642 DSC_0653

The Look:

Jeans – Frankie B. Bondage Jeans in Black

Neon Jacket – Zara no longer available. These from Tahari are similar

Shoes – Guess Anavey Booties

Necklace – Vinca USA

Ring – Similar by Belle Noel

Lipstick – YSL



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