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Ladies, I’m so excited to tell you girls about a super cute, super useful and most importantly super fashionable little purse saver I was introduced to a few weeks ago. Luxe Link is a genius and glam little purse hook that you can use on any flat surface to keep your gorgeous bag off the yucky ground. No more putting your precious Tory Burch on the floor or having to steal a chair for you gorgeous Chanel – simply place the Luxe Link on the table and hang your bag! Magical!

To top of the awesomeness of this product, it comes in a huge, and I mean huge variety of styles and colors.  The two I have picture on this post are from their Swarovski Collection, the Black Tie and the Ruby. I’ve honestly been using them pretty much every single day or any occasion that I need to hang my purse, It’s easily become part of my everyday busy routine. Whether I’m having a business lunch, at a coffee shop blogging my life away or at happy hour with the girls – my purse is hooked to my Luxe Link.  I’m a fan, that’s for sure!

Now to make things even more exciting Luxe Link is giving all you fashionable ladies 20% off your purchase by using coupon code SUPERFASHIONABLE20 – A perfect little gift for yourself or a fashionable friend in your life. Luxe Link is the original patented folding purse hook, you might have seen similar ones out there, but this is the one and only purse hook with two patents for the magnet and folding mechanism!

luxe link, fashion blog, fashion blogger, purse hanger, purse hook, Swarovski purse hookDSC_0894DSC_0887

The best part! These little glam cuties double as a super fashionable purse accessory! Not only will you never leave home without your trusty purse saver, but it will add some sparkle and glam to your favorite bags!

DSC_0961DSC_0943 DSC_0876

…and don’t forget to use the coupon code – SUPERFASHIONABLE20 – enjoy being a #luxelinkgirl fashionistas!



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