My Wedding Day

In keeping with the Romantic Valentine’s Day Weekend, I wanted to share with you guys my wedding photos and a little highlight of my wedding video. Honestly, so far in my life, my wedding day has been the most special and beautiful day I have ever had. Not only did I marry the man of my dreams, but I was surrounded by every single person that’s important in my life and had their full support and love on such a special day. It honestly was more than anything I could have imagined and is a day I want to relieve over and over again.

Nothing is as special as seeing your future husband at the end of the aisle and the butterflies you feel knowing he is seeing you as a bride.  Nothing compares to saying your vows and hearing him profess to every person in the room that you are the woman he wants forever.

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None of the above would have been possible without the amazing, and I mean amazing, team I had helping me pull of this special day. I couldn’t have done it without them and I will forever be so very thankful to each person who treated this day with so much love and care.  A special and beautiful thank you to:

Wedding planner – Heather Snively from Weddings Unique

Photographer – Kristen Weaver

Videographer – Jeffrey Stoner

Flowers and Decor – Raining Roses

DJ – Scott Messina

Hair and Makeup – LeJune Artistry

Wedding Gown – Kenneth Pool 

Bridal Boutique – Solutions Bridal

Ceremony Officiant – Sensational Ceremonies

Stationary – Papyrus

Samba Dancers – Phoebe’s Samba Team

Bollywood Dancers – T Skorman Entertainment

…and a special thanks to all the staff from the Ritz Carlton Grande Lakes Orlando. You guys were beyond incredible!

Again, to all the above people….thank you, thank you, thank you for all your hard work, dedication and love.


7 thoughts on “My Wedding Day

  1. OmbreVogue says:

    This Is so beautiful!!! The video gave me goosebumps. Thank you for sharing this special heartwarming day of your life with us ❤ wish you and your husband everlasting love and happiness!!!


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