The Look – Red Plunge Top

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I’ve been super in love with the plunge top look lately, but always find myself second guessing the look because it can easily go into the realm of looking a bit ‘trashy’.  This top from Talina Hermann has the perfect ‘plunge’ ending at  just the right spot making it still a chic look.  I love to pair a top like this with a jacket, especially a tuxedo jacket which has the same straight lines and cuts mimicking the top.  This all just bring the entire look together in a way that is still sexy, but very much chic and put together. Obviously with a top like this sticky tape is a major must, and I just swear by the Hollywood Fashion Secrets Tape since they help keep the plunge and my girls in place! To keep the symmetry of the plunge and the jacket I added this great long necklace from Accessory Mercado, I think it brings the look together perfectly without over doing it.
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This Look:
Jacket – H&M, Tuxedo Jacket
Clutch – Similar, J Crew, Calf Hair Pouch
Spike Ring – Jewelry by Jurate

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