Social Media Cleanse Challenge

So I recently took on a social media challenge where I had to abstain from using any type of social media for 24 hours.  Now, if you’re anything like I am, where my phone is a literal extension of my hand and scrolling through Instagram is just as part of my daily life as is breathing…then you can imagine how hard this was for me! I took on this challenge after being introduced to an upcoming new fall comedy on ABC called, Selfie.  In this new and modern romantic comedy, the main character Eliza is trying to live life in the moment and not on her phone, like most of us fashion and social media obsessed do – and how could we not? There are so many juicy things on social media!

The cleanse was actually pretty telling. The day I took it I focused more on my daily activities, and had a lot more normal and long conversations than I usually would since I didn’t have any social media to distract me.  So instead of sitting at my doctor’s appointment staring at my phone, I actually took the time to talk to the person sitting next to me.  It was nice to live in the moment, in my moment and not a social media moment. However, let’s be honest, I was happy once the cleanse was over and I could get back to what was happening in Milan Fashion Week, because how could I miss those amazing Moschino moments by Jeremy Scott?! Impossible!

Now I challenge you to take on this cleanse and let me know how you do! I’ll love to see what everyone’s experience will be.

Don’t forget to tune in on Tuesday, September 30th at 8pm/7pm Central to check out the season premiere of Selfie!  I promise you’ll be able to relate to Eliza’s social media struggles while getting quite a laugh.



Disclosure: This post was sponsored by ABC through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about ABC Selfie, all opinions are my own.” 

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