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Review: Nvey Eco Organic Makeup


Hi loves! Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! I was recently introduced to a new makeup line called Nvey Eco (available at ULTA) and wanted to do a little review on some of the products they have. Nvey Eco is an all organic makeup line, which is perfect for me right now – since I got pregnant I’ve been very cautious about what goes not only in my body, but also what products I use over my skin.  Skin is super absorbent and as much as you might think that creams, lotions and makeup products you are putting on your skin might not affect you, it does! So finding an organic makeup brand with no chemicals is fantastic!


Moisture Rich Fluid Foundation in Cool Natural (514)Volumizing Mascara in BrownHydrating Lip Lustre in Barely There  – Advanced Care Lip Colour in Pink Lemonade

I got the Moisture Rich Fluid Foundation in Cool Natural (514) to try.  The foundation is super light and airy, definitely not greasy and sticky like some foundations.  It’s perfect for an everyday foundation and if you don’t require too much coverage.  For me it worked super well, as I’m not a huge heavy coverage foundation kind of girl and reserve the heavier foundations for a night out or the weekend. So this foundation is a go to for an everyday natural look.


The mascara does have very good volume! I used the Volumizing Mascara in Brown. Obviously I can’t tell you it compares to top mascara brands like Dior or Benefits, but it does give a good amount of volume and the pigmentation is super strong, making it a dark and rich brown brown.  A very pretty color!


I used the Advanced Care Lip Colour in Pink Lemonade.  It’s a nice light pink hue so it would be a good option for an almost nude look.  I didn’t find this color in particular to have too much pigmentation, so you need to apply it quite a bit to get a more intense color.  Still, it came out beautifully and has a little touch of shimmer that is just gorgeous!


The lipgloss I used was the Hydrating Lip Lustre in Barely There.  I loved loved this gloss, it’s not sticky, it’s extremely hydrating and the color is gorgeous! It actually has a great pigmentation to it – to me the gloss definitely wins over the lipstick.  It’s one of the better glosses I have tried in a long time and to think it’s completely organic makes it incredible!


Nvey Eco makeup, Nvey Eco, Organic Makeup, Ulta Makeup, best organic makeup, super fashionable, nvey eco review, ananda saba, organic lipgloss

The final verdict?! I’m a fan! I think it’s the perfect makeup line for everyday use. The products are very light and you will get a super natural glowy look with this awesome new organic makeup line! My favorite item of the line has to be the Hydrating Lip Lustre, I just loved it!


The Nvey Eco makeup line also includes BB Creams, Powders, Blushes, Bronzers, Concealers and much more all available at ULTA.

What did you think? Would you give this line a try? Check them out and let me know what you think of the line!



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