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Lipstick of the Moment : Please Me by Mac


My lipstick of the moment is Please Me by Mac.  This super soft, matte pink is perfect for a more toned down look or for when you want the focus to be on your eyes.  Nudes can be hard to pull off, so a soft color like this can easily be the next best thing. I’m a huge fan of pinks and even my nudes have an underlying pink hue to them, it just works well for my skin tone.  If you’re not a big dare-devil when it comes to lipstick colors, find a base color that works for you (pink, orange, red, brown) and then try to get lipsticks that have a similar underlying hue – you can’t go wrong that way!  Matte lips are super in right now too, and I just love the matte lipsticks from Mac, they are super long-lasting and surprisingly won’t dry out your lips like most matte lipsticks do.  Definitely worth a try!



Please Me, by Mac Cosmestics


What do you guys think? Will you give this color a try?

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