adrenaline by enrique, enrique iglesias cologne, enrique inglesias



February is finally here and I’ve been waiting for this month to arrive since I found out I was pregnant 9 months ago. My heart has been in my throat and my adrenaline at an all time high as I wait for this little girl to make an appearance any day now. I’m beyond excited for what this month has in store and most importantly what life has in store as motherhood approaches. I’ll now get to embark in this beautiful, exciting, but oh so scary next phase of my life.

With this month also comes Valentine’s Day, and even though this year my husband and I’s Valentine’s Day will be a little different and extremely special since we will have our little girl with us, it is still a beautiful day of love, romance, seduction and adrenaline.  We all talk about how Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be the only day where we do romantic things for each other….and as much as that is oh-so-true, it does get a little hard to put time aside for over the top things when life gets in the way.  Listen, if you just started dating you better be doing romantic things for each other on the regular…but after years together, marriage, a baby and just life – it gets a little tough.  So I don’t hate on Valentine’s Day and I do, maybe even in a selfish way, expect the romantic things to be done like the flowers and a loving card.  I’m a romantic at heart anyways, so obviously when my husband brings me flowers or a gift for no reason on a Tuesday it feels extra special, but Valentine’s Day is always a special day no matter what.  The adrenaline of wondering what the other person will do, the seduction and romance of the day….it’s a rush.


If I was going to be out and about this year on Valentine’s Day I would totally wear this outfit. I think pantyhose are super sexy and I just love the adrenaline of getting all glammed up for the night.  You can find all the outfit details for this look on my previous post.

…but since I’ll be staying in super pregnant or with a little newborn, there are always little ways you can spice up that night and get your adrenaline going.  For me there’s nothing better than a nice pair of high heels, some beautiful lingerie, candles….you get the picture.  Just spice things up the way you can!

adrenaline by enrique, enrique iglesias cologne, enrique inglesias

For a Valentine’s Day gift this year for my hubby I’m loving this cologne by Enrique Inglesias called Adrenaline.  Not only is it the perfect name for a Valentine’s Day gift since that day is all about getting your adrenaline pumping, but the smell its….ah-ma-zing!!! I’m showering my husband in this cologne, thankfully he LOVES it!  As the brand even says, “A provocative contrast between a top full of freshness and a heart that beats in spicy, vibrant woods and sensual, creamy leather, to embody a true modern masculinity…” Perfection isn’t it?! Loving this so much!  You can find the cologne at Tarvget, CVS, Wallgreens and RiteAid.  The perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your man to get his adrenaline pumping and be extra romantic!

Want to be 1 of 5 lucky winners to receive this perfect cologne for free? Simply post an  Instagram letting me know  “What makes your heart beat stronger!”,  tag me @superfashionable, follow me if you’re not already, and hashtag #adrenalinebyenrique. At the end of February, I will choose my favorite 5 photos and the BEST part of it all is that some of the chosen photos will appear on Enrique’s Facebook page!! How amazing is that!?  You get this perfect cologne to give to any special man in your life  AND you get to be featured on Enrique Inglesias Facebook page.  Talk about ADRENALINE!!

adrenaline by enrique, enrique iglesias cologne, enrique inglesiasadrenaline by enrique, enrique iglesias cologne, enrique inglesias adrenaline by enrique, enrique iglesias cologne, enrique inglesias



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