newborn must have, newborn essentials, baby must have, baby essential

Newborn Must Haves

newborn must have, newborn essentials, baby must have, baby essential

For a first time mom like me, being prepared for when V arrived was beyond important and to be honest a pretty stressful task.  Between all the crazy variety of items you see out there and the endless things you read you’ll need for when baby comes home, it can be super overwhelming.  I have to be honest that I bought a lot of things that I haven’t even used yet, and am not even sure I will – and then there where plenty of things I thought were going to be super useless and ended up being my go to items daily.  You’ll never know what kind of baby your little one will be and what you’ll find necessary on a daily basis.

To help other moms out I’ve put together a little list of my must have items for the first few months.  These are the things that I honestly can’t live without and don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have them.  Trust me, a lot of them were surprises to me and a bunch were things that I found out I needed after little one was here. They are my Newborn Must Haves!

Hope this helps!

Sleep Time

…or in other words the time you get to either sleep, clean the house, clean yourself or just veg on the couch and remember your name! For my little fussy one getting her to fall asleep has been a huge huge task from day one, and I still have yet to master the art of putting her to sleep.  These items however, have helped a lot in this sometime stressful time.

Halo Bassinest – This has been of huge importance to me.  I wanted V to sleep in our room for the first few months so having a bassinet was super important.  Little did I know I was going to end up having a c-section, so this Halo Bassinest was God sent! It swivels and turns 360 degrees, making it super easy for me to maneuver her in the middle of the night when I couldn’t really get up and move around myself in those first few weeks.  A little plus is that plays music, vibrates, has a breast-feeding timer and a nightlight (to be honest I don’t use any of those features very much, but you might!) I also love that the sides of the bassinet are mesh. V moves around a lot at night, even if she’s swaddled, so having the mesh surroundings gave me a huge peace of mind!  I doesn’t however come with the fitted sheet, which I find pretty important – so buy a couple.  I got 3 and wash them often!

Aden + Anis Serenity Star Clock – Perfect nightlight for the room.  I honestly love this little guy.  It gives my room just the right amount of  brightness so I can see the princess.  Besides it having a great white noise and breastfeeding timer features, my favorite thing is that it lets you know if the room is too hot or too cold.  The start changes from white to blue when the temperature is cold and from white to red when its hot.  Temperature control has been a real struggle for me when it comes to the little one, I never know if she’s cold or hot, so the star definitely helps me keep it at just the right range.

SwaddleMe Blanket – V is quite a mover and has quite a little personality, so swaddling her the old fashion way with a swaddle blanket is nearly impossible, not to mention the few times I can actually get her swaddle she makes me feel like an idiot by unswaddling herself in like 2 seconds, lol.  I was about to give up on swaddling when a friend introduced me to the SwaddleMe Blankets…I’ve now won the swaddle battle! They are super easy to use, and there is no way V is getting out of this swaddle.  She sleeps amazingly well in it – its been a night-time hero.  Now, if you can get your little angel swaddled the old fashion way, there was nothing better than the  Aden + Anais Bamboo Swaddle Blanket.  They are great!

Carter’s Zip-Up Onesies – These babies are a life saver in the middle of the night – no looking for buttons with one eye half-open! Just unzip, change, zip…honestly couldn’t be faster and easier.  Only problem with this one is that it’s a little hard to check if little one went number 1 or 2, but that why I only put it on her at night.  She wakes up, I change her, feed her and put her back down to sleep. These little guys come in a variety of super cute patterns, Strawberry, Bunny, GirrafesSeahorseIce CreamLittle Bees – not to mention they are a great price!

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 Bath Time

Puj Flyte Infant Tub – Let’s just say I tried a lot of little tubs before I landed on this one, and this was by far the easiest and best way to bathe my little one so far! There are way fancier infant tubs out there that will have your eyes sparkling and believing they are amazing – trust me, I was that mom.  It took me about .2 seconds to figure out they were completely useless or way to complicated for a little one.  Puj Flyte Infant Tub was a breeze! I didn’t think bath time could be as easy as it was when I finally used this little gem. Super simple…place it in the sink and let you little one actually enjoy bath time.  My princess finally did, and so did I!

Baby Buddy Natural Bath Sponge – I just loved how soft this sponge gets and how gentle it is on the baby’s skin.  Absorbs just the right amount of water/shampoo and its all natural – so doesn’t get any better than that!

Honest Company Shampoo & Body Wash – I’ve used everything Honest Company so far! Diapers, wipes, lotion, body oil, rash cream, dish soap (to wash baby bottles), and laundry detergent and love all their products.  This little shampoo & body wash smells amazing, is super gentle on babies’ skin, and a little goes a long way.  I love it!

Aden + Anis Washcloth – A must to keep baby warm during bath time (I place the cloth over her belly when she’s in the water) and perfect for a quick daily clean up in the mornings.  Super gentle material!

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Feeding Time

Dr Brown’s Natural Flow Bottles – So my little one has acid reflux, which led to many spit ups and crying.  Not to mention she is a furious eater, and when I say that I mean I have literally .2 seconds from the time she is hungry to feed her before she goes completely insane crying. It’s almost comical! After doing a lot, and I mean a lot of research on baby bottles, Dr Brown’s Natural Flow was by far the best option for my little one – specially given her eating habits and reflux.  This bottle forces her to take her time, and the system it has helps tremendously with spit ups and taking in too much air.  A must have for me!

Aden + Anis Burpy Bib – Best burpy bib I own – by far.  Absorbs spit ups just right, not leaving the bib super soaked, its soft against her skin and the patters are just super cute! 🙂

Skip Hop Splash Bottle Rack – Cleaning baby bottles must be the most annoying baby task ever.  Especially since my bottles come with quite a few little parts. However, this drying rack is perfect. Fits plenty of bottles and has room for all the little extras too.

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4moms Mamaroo Bouncer Seat – She lovessss this bouncer seat, she can rock on it for a long time and it’s one of the few times she’s actually quiet and entertained on her own. With so many different settings it’s almost impossible for her to get bored.  Place it in a room you use a lot (as it’s not as easy to move around as most bouncer seats) and your angel will get a lot of use out of this one.  She’s even fallen asleep on her own in it….and that’s pretty much a miracle in my home! Oh, and don’t forget the infant insert, it’s a must for the little ones!

Fisher Price My Little Sweetie Deluxe Bouncer – A perfect and can’t live without item for sure!!! This bouncer is super light and easy to move around the house.  So when I’m alone with her this goes with me everywhere!

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Do you have any must have items that I didn’t mention? Would love to know what you couldn’t/can’t live without in these first few months.

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