must have make up items, best mascara for volume, best mascara, best beauty cream, top makeup

Makeup Must Have

must have make up items, best mascara for volume, best mascara, best beauty cream,  top makeup

I’m a total makeup junkie…actually beauty product junkie.  I love trying new things and new products and can never ever have enough samples! I could literally spend hours at Sephora or Ulta trying new products.  However, I do have my go to ones that I just love so much.  Some products on my Makeup Must Have list I’ve been using for years, while others are pretty new but I already can’t live without!


So I’m literally been wearing DiorShow by Dior for about 10 years now and I just can’t live without that mascara, its just perfection.  However, lately I’ve been a huge and I mean HUGE fan of the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara.  It makes my eyelashes super thick and long and they stay up pretty much all day.  It’s legit almost Better Than Sex! haha


I don’t use primer too much because my daily face product is a BB cream which includes primer already.  However, when I do wear foundation my go to primer is Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer. It’s super lightweight and I feel like it definitely helps make my skin more even, hydrated and looking really good in pictures. 😉


So let me begin by saying if I was stranded on an island I would probably take a concealer.  I’ve always had problems with under eye circles! Now with a little baby that wakes me up a few times a night, I can easily say that I look like a hot mess with purple under eye circles 90% of the time! If you were to look in my makeup cabinet you will easily find 10 or more concealers that I go through and test out.  Well the Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer has been one that I truly love! It’s not super thick – which tends to make me look super cakey and it has perfect coverage.  I have to say it’s not super long-lasting, but the coverage is so good that I’m totally ok having to reapply a few times during the day.


Huge huge huge major and probably most important makeup item you can own that you probably totally underrate is a good eyebrow pencil or filler.  Eyebrows can make or break a persons look – you can go from looking fresh and put together to an old hot little mess if your eyebrows aren’t just right. haha.  I have little patches in my eyebrows from the days when having thin brows were cool (why? why? why?) so now I have to fill them in a bit.  This eyebrow wax from EcoBrow is AMAZING. The coverage is just great, lasts all day and their pencil makes it super easy to apply. Don’t be intimidated by the little jar and the pencil.  Its super easy to apply and if you get it wrong just take it off and try again!


Not a huge powder person either, I only wear powder when I wear foundation – which is mostly only when I shoot or go out on the town.  However, when I do wear powder I love the Mineralize Skinfinish by MAC.  Great coverage and super natural looking!

Beauty Cream

BB Cream is my everyday “foundation”.  I love it that it’s so many products in one and with the 5 minutes I have in the mornings to look human again, this is just perfect! I also absolutely love the fact that I don’t have to spend hours finding the perfect shade for me or that when I get a tan it still matches my skin. BB Cream comes in max about 3-4 colors, so you can never go wrong! My all time favorite is the Dior Hydra Life BB Cream, not the cheapest out there but a little goes a long way! What I love the most about it is that it’s not just makeup, it’s also a hydrating moisturizer….so you are getting a great face treatment while you look good. 🙂


Hoola Bronzer by Benefit has been my go to bronzer for a looooong time.  It has ZERO shimmer, which a lot of times is a super welcome feature, so I can use it as a bronzer and also to contour my face.  It’s actually the perfect contour color and the fact that it has no shimmer/glitter makes it even better for that.

Eyelash Curler

My friends joke that when I go out you can find a lipstick, concealer and an eyelash curler in my clutch.  Seriously, it’s not a joke, I have a crazy little obsession with curlers and tend to use them more often than whats probably recommend. I go through different ones a lot, but I’ve been absolutely loving the Show Curl XL Lash Curler by Sephora, Creates a perfect curl that lasts all night – so technically I don’t have to put it in my clutch….but I still will.


I LOVE the Opague Rouge Liquid Lipstick by Hourglass so much, I think I’m in my 4th one already.  If you don’t know the lipsticks from hourglass then you need to know them like yesterday.  They are super long-lasting, and the type of long-lasting that doesn’t dry your lips. I have 2 colors that are my go to colors for everyday.  Canvas and Rose.  Canvas is more of a nude so I wear it almost everyday, and Rose is a nude with a hint of dark pink which is a color I wear when I want to add little life to my look. Regardless these are both great colors and a fantastic lipstick!

Lip Balm

My go to lip balm is Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment in Petal by Fresh, which is a super hydrating lip balm that comes in a ton of different shades.  From clear, to coral to red they have an amazing array of colors to choose from.  If you’re not a lipstick person,then you should have this in every color!

Eye Mask

 …last but not least, a little gadget that makes me sleep like a princes – my eye mask from Bella il Fiore. I just love it so much and I specially love all the cute little sayings they have on their masks. A must for a good night sleep these days!

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